Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Turtle and Bumblebee Pins

Visit my web site at to view my beaded miniature bears and other animals.

I have completed my bead embroidered turtle pin. I have also designed a three dimensional bead embroidered bumblebee pin. They are now posted on my web site. I have also added my stone bracelet, bird pin, and nametag necklaces. I designed the nametag necklaces to wear at my meetings for the Embroiderers' Guild and American Needlpoint Guild.

I am continuing to explore the creative possibilities of bead embroidery. My current project is a fully jointed beaded bear pincushion. Each bead embroidered piece has its own challenges, but I enjoy finding the solutions.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Beaded Seahorse Etui Box and Sampler

Visit my web site at to view my beaded miniature bears and other animals.
I am continuing to work on my bead embroidered figural designs. My current project is a turtle pin. I have completed my seahorse etui box which can now be seen on my web site along with several other of my designs. I have updated and redesigned my web site which is now organized by category.

I designed the Seaside Sampler for the ANG Needle Artists By The Sea group for their 2009 yearlong project.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Beaded Pincushions and Etui Boxes

I have recently become interested in bead embroidery. I am designing beaded pincushions and beaded etui boxes. Visit my website to see pictures of my latest creations.
I am discontinuing many of my bead patterns on my website. The limited amount of remaining stock is now being offered at closeout prices.